Welcome! My name is Francesca, I offer a safe and therapeutic space for you to explore your struggles without judgment. 

How can I help you?

There are many reasons why you may access counselling. You may have lost a sense of who you are and what direction you want to take in life. At times, you may feel paralysed by anxiety, and low moods and sleepless nights can make it hard for you to deal with every day life. You may be in a process of grieving or don't know how to, you may struggle to understand what is happening within and around you.


Furthermore, in a time of political uncertainties in which connections feel difficult, life challenges are harder to navigate.

Whether you are approaching counselling in a moment of crisis or you want to untangle current or historic issues, therapy can gently support you to explore struggles in relation to yourself, the people around you and your environment. Counselling can help you to feel acknowledged and understood whilst respecting your need for safety, your hesitations and fears. 



I offer counselling sessions in the following format: video call, phone call, email and instant messaging

Face To Face


I offer face to face counselling sessions from the East End of Glasgow



I offer counselling sessions in local parks around Glasgow

Alcohol and Substance Use

I offer counselling sessions to those affected by theirs or somebody else's substance or alcohol use



I offer weekly group sessions via videoconference for Italians in the UK and support workers.