Alcohol and Substance Use

In the modern world we are using substances to cope with stress (it can be drugs, or food, binge watch the TV or stay on your laptop hours to end). We may lose control of our life and the substance or activity we are using to cope may get out of control too. Counselling can support you to look into these struggles and to explore and untangle current and historic issues.

Thanks to my experience within an addiction counselling service, I work particularly well with people who are struggling with their relationship with the substance(s) of choice, trauma, anxiety and depression. I can help you to understand your relationship with the substance(s) by supporting you to understand the relationship you have with yourself. 

During our work together, we may look at your present relationship with the substance(s)/alcohol and triggers. We may look at correlations, if any, between your substance use and emotions and we will follow your pace to explore what happened to you.

I can offer face to face counselling in my office from the east end of Glasgow, outdoors or online (video and telephone only). If you want to know more about the different modalities, you can find more information about my website.