How to reach me

You can phone me or text me.

If I don't answer, you can leave a message on the answering machine and ask for a call back. I will try to phone you as soon as I can.

As I don't know whether I am phoning you on your personal number or on a line accessed by other people, I will introduce myself as Francesca and will mention a returning call. If I leave a voice mail, I will use the same discretion.

I have frequent access to my emails and I tend to respond within 24 hours. 

The counselling room is located within Time and Space association. It is at Gateside street.

There are a few steps you would need to negotiate to access the counselling room. 

It is well served by buses and Duke street train station, 10 minutes from Merchant city by public transport. There is free parking on Gateside street and on Duke street. 

Useful numbers

If your circumstances require you to speak to someone much promptly, I have gathered some useful numbers.

Counselling can help you to work through a period of crisis, but there might be times when you need a more immediate listening ear.

There are a few services in Scotland that offer confidential phone and web based support during out of hours.

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