Support for people who hear voices

Time and Space

Time and Space is a unique service in Glasgow offering support and information to people who hear voices and people who self-harm and their supporters

Hearing Voices Network

HVN offer information, support and understanding to people who hear voices and those who support them.

Support to reduce harm caused by alcohol and drugs


Simpson House (Edinburgh)

Simpson House provide counselling for people affected by their own or another’s drug use, recovery support groups, recovery one to one appointments, and work with children and young people affected by parental substance use.

Glasgow Council on Alcohol

GSA is a not-for-profit charity organisation. They offer direct support for people to abstain from alcohol or reduce alcohol consumption, provide training and education and work in partnership with communities and other agencies to achieve their main aim of reducing  harm caused by alcohol and drugs.

Glasgow East Alcohol Awareness Project

GEAAP’s aim is to reduce the harm associated with the use and misuse of alcohol. They offer FREE services to anyone concerned about their own or another’s alcohol use.


Studies on the effectiveness of person-centred and experiential therapies


A meta-analysis carried out by Robert Elliot and Elizabeth Freire.

Counselling other languages

Costa and Dewaele explore beliefs, attitudes and practices of monolingual and multilingual therapists with their multilingual patients

Therapy session resources

The contract includes fees, frequency of sessions, where we meet. It will also covers cancellations and safe guarding matters might these arise during the course of therapy together. This will be discussed with you during our first meeting.

Your privacy is important to me. The General Data Protection Regulation (May 2018)  highlight what data I will be collecting about you and how it will treated according to this regulation. This will be discussed during our first meeting.

In my practice, I abide to the code of ethics of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, regulating body of my profession (available also in Welsh, Sign Language and Audio format).

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