COVID-19 Online Counselling

If life feels chaotic, unpredictable or you find it difficult to focus amongst all this noise, counselling can support you to offload, create a novel understanding of your relationship with the outside world specifically at the time of this global pandemic. 

No one knows how to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. You may feel frightened for your health and the ones' who are dear to you. Your lilfe style and habits may be affected and the coping strategies that you reverse to at times of great stress may not be available anymore. After yesterday government announcement of a nation-wide lockdown, you might feel more isolated than ever.

About online counselling

Online counselling sessions can give you the opportunity to connect at a time that feels more comfortable for you based on your needs.  
You can decide how many sessions you would like to have and one session may feel enough for you. 

Appointments do not have to be on the same time and day week after week (but still possible) in order to adapt to this everchanging situation. 

Getting ready

  1. Find somewhere comfortable, private and without distractions for your sessions (if you have a car, that would work as well). During a lockdown, privacy may not be always possible and it is important to know that 'the best you can do' is enough.

  2.  If you need a blanket, a cup of tea or tissues, get them ready before the session starts.

  3. Ten minutes before the start of the session, ensure you are connected to Zoom, your internet connection is stable and that you have your earphones and microphone at hand if you need them. But don't panic! I am a phone call/text/email away if things do not seem to work for you, we can sort it out together.

  4. Online counselling sessions work like face-to-face sessions: there is no need to look at the camera. You can still look at your therapist in the eyes. 

Online counselling platform

For our online counselling sessions, we will be using Zoom. It is downloadable on your laptop, pc, tablet or smartphone, it is end-to-end encrypted with a good audio and video quality. It is simple to use: once it is downloaded, I will send you a link to join me into our chat room. If you feel unsure on how to use it, just let me know and I am happy to talk you through the process.


Due to the current restrictions, I will offer online counselling,  with a possibility to move the sessions to face-to-face once the crisis is over. Sessions will be £40 for 50 minutes from the moment we are both connected. Payments will be accepted via BACS prior to the session.

I am aware that this crisis may have heavily impacted your finances, so please do approach me and I am happy to negotiate a fee that would feel fair to your new current circumstances. 

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