Email Counselling

You are interested in starting a therapeutic journey and you are drawn to email counselling. Using emails will give you the possibility to choose pace and availability. Writing allows you to witness your experience from a safe distance and it promotes a sense of authorship by allowing you to tell your story the way you want and mean it.

First contact

You decided you would like to start email counselling together and get in contact with my self. During our first contact, I'll inform you that I will soon email you information about the contract, payment method and when you can expect an email from me. For practical reasons, I offer a time slot during the week, where I would read your email and answer back. This does not impact on when you can send me your emails or the frequency. This first exchange is free of charge. 

For our work together I will use a secure and encrypted emailing service, which details will be passed over to you together with the contract. Your privacy is paramount in our work together.

Second and following emails

Once we got through all the technicalities and administration, I will then wait for your first email. There is no right or wrong in the way you want your email to be, the length or style you use. I welcome you as you during these interactions.


I charge £40 per email. This covers the slot I set aside to offer a therapeutic response to you and your struggles. 


Payments are made through an invoice that I will send to you via email which needs paid before the email is sent. I would email you back to let you know I received your payment. 

Further information about the practicalities of email counselling can be found in the contract.

More questions?

If you are curious about other ways I work online or you are still unsure what platform would suits you best, you can find the information here:

video calls

phone calls

instant messaging

If you have further questions, you can either email me at or text me at 07594846033. You can also have a 15-minute phone call free of charge if that works best for you. You can also ask me anything about my practice or any curiosity you have about online counselling and the type of therapeutic work we can do together. This should give you an idea on whether you would like to start counselling together.